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Misconduct Complaints

Pursuant to the terms of the Consent Decree, the Consent Decree Monitor cannot accept complaints regarding officer misconduct. Complaints should be submitted to the NOPD Professional Integrity Bureau (PIB) or to the Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIPM). For more information on both organizations, click here.

Press Policy

Pursuant to paragraph 462 of the Consent Decree, "any press statement made by the Monitor regarding its employment or monitoring activities under this Agreement shall first be approved by DOJ and the City. Further, the Consent Decree provides that the Monitor "shall not make any public statements or issue findings with regard to any act or omission of the City or its agents, representatives, or employees; or disclose non-public information provided to the Monitor pursuant to the Agreement." Separate from the limitations on the Monitor's ability to issue official press statements, the Monitor does meet regularly with community members and groups "to explain the Monitor's reports, to inform the public about the Consent Decree implementation process, and to hear community perspectives of police interactions.